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Executive Summary:


(Includes information pertaining to the revenue, profits, trends, and competiting corporations within the industry.)


(The structure pages include info referencing the competition within the video game industry. Also, the demographics of the companies is also evaluated)


(The economics of the video game industry includes: Profitability, Cost Determinants, and the impact of the internet. Using economic understanding, you will find the appropriate information pertaining to video games.

Business Model

(The most important aspect when creating any business. Find out here what exactly is listed within a business model)

Competitive Strategy

(Companies want to differentiate their products, as they want to become competitive within the industry. Creating a unqiue video game that captures a buyer is the main objective for any company.

Future Developments:

(The future has not happen yet! Through the study from four individuals, you will learn their opinions, plus additional facts pertaining to the future developments of the video game industry.

By Matthew Kucker
By Femi K. Alao
By Brian Lee
By Eric Dugan


Internet defined:

In·ter·net= n. An interconnected system of networks that connects computers around the world via the TCP/IP protocol.**

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